Keep your sanity!
No More running around chasing Tee's!
Returns into position!

Tested an approved by the PGA Tour players!
Used by Tiger Woods Foundation
The ONLY Practice Golf Tee that allows you to focus on your game!

Range Pro Golf Tee

Spend better time practicing!

With Range Pro Golf Tee you wont spend your time chasing and replacing conventional tees during practice. You can focus on what you came to do, gain muscle memory and enjoy a quality practice time.

Practice has never been more enjoyable. Lose the fustration of fumbling around with convetional tees.

Train with Range Pro Golf Tees like the Pros.

Multiple Heights for every size club.

  • High Quality Product
  • Proven & Reliable
  • Will not mark up your driver
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Product Video

What are you waiting for?

This is the best practice Golf Tee that will Keep You Swinging!

Watch the video to understand why The Tiger Woods FOundation uses The Range Pro Golf Tee! Get one here so you too can practice like the Pros!

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Our Product

Why Range Pro Golf Tee Outperforms

Range Pro Golf Tee - Keeps you Swinging! Train with the Tee that will keep you on track.


Frequently asked questions

We send the product out as soon as the order is placed. It goes out within 2 business days.
Because of the overwhelming responce we have had we stocked up on all our Range Pro Golf Tee's!
Yes, the discount is applied to shipping and Handling. S/H is less expensive when shipping multiple orders.
You place the Range Pro Tee with the arrows on the top facing the direction that you are hitting toward. Then stake the Tee in the ground with the provided stake. Then Hit buckets of balls and enjoy your practice time.

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